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One of the most famous and well-loved festivals in Cyprus is the Limassol Wine-Festival, which takes place every year in September.cyprus-wines
Cyprus is an island known for its wine-production and each year this is celebrated with 10 days of feasting and entertainment in the Limassol Municipal Gardens. It is an excellent opportunity to sample the local wines, as well as a huge variety of locally produced food. One purchases an empty wine-carafe for a few euros at the entrance and then visits the vats where you can have your carafe filled as many times as you like for free! There are also many smaller wineries that display and sell their wares dotted along the path and they are always happy to let you sample their goods for free as well. This could be quite a wet evening, so be sure to also sample some of the food on offer, ranging from the ubiquitous souvlakia, to not-very-Cypriot burgers and sandwiches as well as regional sweets such as loukomades (sweet honey-balls; little balls of fried pastry drenched in a lovely honey-sauce) and siamisi (pronounced shiamishi), a fried disc of pastry with a fragrant syrup on top. Be sure to grab yourself a “koupa” (a fried casing made from bulghur-wheat containg a minced meat mixture) to nibble on as you wander around listening to the traditional music, watching the dance-performances or why not taking part yourself in the entertainment by stomping on grapes the old-fashioned way in a wooden vat filled with big, juicy grapes! The symbol of the festival is known as “The Vraka-Man”, named so from the traditional trousers he wears, known as “vrakas” and he watches faithfully each year over the proceedings from his central position at the entrance to the gardens. An event not to be missed in your new home of Cyprus!