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Cyprus has just enjoyed its first Gay Pride. A monumental step in the right direction. Held at the end of May 2014 in the capital Nicosia the event culminated in a pride march after two weeks of festivities including film showings and book events. Of course there was some opposition form the Cypriot church at the same place and time as they see being L.GB.T as a disease to which hospitalisation is the cure. Of course this is a narrow minded view and the Cyprus Church has done it self no favours by openly condemning what is seen in the civilised world and more so in the remainder of the European union as normal folk living normal lives.
The archbishop probably does not know that many of the locals most like hide behind the church doors. An common trait for those seeking to hide their sexuality. He has quite openly said that paedophiles are members of the L.G B.T Community and as such all L.G.B.T persons are paedophiles. This sort of rhetoric is like something from the dark ages in our opinion and has no place in the modern realistic world. Plenty of gay people believe in God and are regular church goers and talk of Gods love for us all not only certain groups.
An interesting video by Whopie Goldberg and her support for the first Cyprus gay Pride is readily available online and support also came from the embassies and consulates form abroad plus individuals such as Stephen Fry another great philosopher and supporter of Gay life and events in General.

Pride Cypriot
The first pride party was held in Nicosia and island wide there is one Gay Venue www.thermos-spa.com that has for the guys everything that a gay man would need or like to see in Cyprus. A bar Jacuzzi steam room lounge area and most importantly a central place for meet ups. One hundred percent gay as opposed to Gay friendly which can be found elsewhere in Cyprus.

Thermos Cluc Cyprus
Some people thought the event would be the first and last but like Greece we believe it will grow in numbers and strengths and eventually allow gay Lesbian Bi sexual and transgender folk to live as equals in their society without prejudice. The turnout was higher than expected and only minor scuffles were reported and stopped by the police authorities, to be expected in a country still where the general consensus is that Gays don’t exist. Time will change this.