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E Smoking

Just started on a newbie adventure with our New! All Singing! All Dancing and i must say Very Exciting company: E-CigStar selling Electronic Cigarettes via  Shipping out of UK and with free shipping in the UK. The Starter kit we sell is designed for two people really and so could prove a viable buy for one and likewise the disposable electronic cigarettes are buy one get one free at the moment. So a quick overview of what e-Cigarettes are all about! One can read all about it on the websites of course  and  but in summary if you want to cut down switch to a healthier lifestyle or plan to quit then these alternative tools can definitely help you. What they do is let you inhale a nicotine flavoured water vapour via an atomising process. The E-Cigarette contains three main parts battery cartridge and atomiser and when triggered release the vapour which looks exactly like smoke. So the smoker or perhaps now new “E-Smoker” can puff away and get the nicotine fix required and not the other thousands of nasty chemicals! Good news and so no more irritable smokers and no more smelly clothes and start to get rid of the tar lining your lungs! So do yourself a favour and some one else of course and get an E-CigStar product now and give me a few reddies as opposed to someone else  🙂 

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