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Monthly Archives: May 2010

New Friends

Bradley ( Formerly Shrek ) and his best buddy Custard who just loves to sit on and generally annoy anyone and any dog cat human that is to be found sitting on his sofa  🙂

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Little Kits

Some new arrivals 🙂  Mum ( Ya Ya ) gave birth to four kittens and she is busy eating and doing the Mum thing and we can see two black kittens and two black and white kittens. One is definitely A runt but with only four to look after and a constant supply of food […]

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Monte Go Home

Some friends of ours who are returning from Germany today are also returning to collect Monte their pet dog who has stayed with us for a week or so. He will be cleaned prior to return as he just loves sticking his head into all sorts of unsavoury things 🙂

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Party Time

Yes its that time again… twenty one again 🙂  Going to have an official party this weekend and probably another one later in the year for those who have left the country on holiday… Anyway look what i got … A strimmer! So i guess i will have to cut the grass now on “Birthday […]

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Pot Morph

Yup hes back in a disguise 🙂  Nope not Bill and Ben but you know who… I will do some digging myself and find Chas the white cousin and do some photo editing 🙂

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Property Prices in Cyprus

So your offer is how much for this Cyprus property ? Prices are stable in Limassol but have dropped in the Paphos regions…generally where the Brits are most heavily populated. Here in sunny Limassol the Russians are still coming

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